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ReadyLift 66-3085 2.25in. FRONT STRUT SPAC..

Leveling Kits, Lift Kits, Block Kits, Off Road Suspension Kits for Jeeps and Trucks, SST9000 Shocks ..


PRO COMP 4" Stage Lift Kit

PRO COMP 4" Stage Lift Kit

Hello, and good afternoon. We have a special we would like to pass on to you. We have 3-Pro Comp 4" ..

$500.00 $625.00

Air Lift 25490 SmartAir II Automatic Self Leveling System

Air Lift 25490 SmartAir II Automatic Self ..

SmartAir is our new improved automatic self-leveling height system. Height sensors make sure your ve..


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Acme Diesel Services has been in business for over 40 years, rebuilding, repairing and installing fuel injectors, fuel injection pumps and turbos on all make and models of trucks and farm machinery. Whether it is your personal truck, commercial fleets or anything in between, Acme Diesel Services has the knowledge to provide quality service at a fair price and our long-time, strong relationship with top manufacturers and suppliers in the industry gives Acme Diesel Services the ability to meet all your needs.

Moving forward, Acme Diesel Services can also offer after-market accessories for your vehicle. Whether you want to boost performance or add to the appearance of your vehicle, Acme Diesel Services provides the best rated accessory products on the market and also offers professional installation.

Acme Diesel Services wants to understand your needs and offer you options that will best serve you. It is difficult to put in writing everything that we can do for you, so please contact us and we will be glad to assist you.